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Woodland Brook Summersong - Shadyside #9 user reviews RSS 2.0


F5NhuCiJhj (01/10/2015 10:53:57)
File Handles:handle 1: console_mp.log -91458 files in iwd files - Game Initialization -gamename: IW4gamedate: Feb 2 2010 We<a href=""> wnaetd</a> to send a logging packet but we haven't connected to the LSP server yet, so we're dropping the packet. Working directory: C:\MW2 FATALGamerProfile Updating and possibly saving for controller #0.Dev: Exception on aiW Auth 13.37 , overridden.Resolving resolved to heartbeat to master.mw2.irاینجا میمونه هیچی نشون نمیده تو server List فقط ۴ تا ۶ سرور تو لیسته.از ۲ تا آی پی دیگه استفاده کردم نشد


Uc5oc3vUVf (01/07/2015 19:33:44)
Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L-----RAN-IEN-G! [url=]psgxvn[/url] [link=]vzaqvr[/link]


1i0ZAEemD1m8 (12/29/2014 05:30:06)
salam man vase clane khodam<a href=""> rgaenrs</a> server mikham mikham yeki bekharam yani kollan hame failash daste khodam bashe alan bayad che konam??


GvxAefcOplr (12/28/2014 00:38:17)
When you open the folder of doutmencs and scroll down you will see that there are two complete sets of doutmencs in the folder. The titles of those at the top have a dot in front of their file name. These are the ones that do not open up into a document when you click on them they just give you some gibberish characters. If you look at the file size for these doutmencs they are very small around 1 kilobyte. Scroll down to the ones down at the bottom of the list and you find the same files without the dot in front of the file name. You will see they are doutmencs of standard length. These open in Word.Sorry for the confusion for some reason when you zip files using a Macintosh computer and you then unzip them with a Windows computer these files with the dot on front of them are created. We haven't yet figured out how to keep it from happening.

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