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HDPkHJRjOzQV (01/10/2015 12:36:04)
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tUgwfwJYgoX (01/07/2015 08:25:13)
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N2jS14DEwL (12/29/2014 20:34:03)
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q49sQkOIf0r8 (12/28/2014 23:54:14)
On this day, 2 years ago, our youngest son, Tyler Jack was born.a0 Tyler’s etirne journey from even when I was pregnant until he was about 1, has been eventful to say the least.a0 A few heartbreaking and anxious times but all in all, everything that happened has made him into the little man that he is today and I honestly wouldn’t change anything for the world. (For anyone who wants to read his journey, here’s the link: )

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