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Human society depends on teamwork, without it we would never have survived as a species. Our greatest achievements, from the pyramids to the space shuttle, are not possible as individuals. If you've played team sports you know the camaraderie and lifetime relationships that are developed. Sharing and sense of humor, both are intertwined at TeamFunz, are what really sets humans apart from the rest of the crewmembers here aboard Spaceship Earth.

At TeamFunz we have assembled a network staff that brings combined experience of over 100 years in the vacation, resort and fun times industry. We believe we have "seen it all" and that is why we believe in what we are doing here. We have seen the ins and outs and different avenues of Leisure Living and Vacation Ownership. What we have created is a Fun and Unique Alternative to the "business as usual" approach. We achieve the middle ground between Full ownership and Timeshare. These concepts work fine for many folks; they both have drawbacks that we seek to overcome.

Full ownership is everyone's dream but few can afford it. Vacation resorts are expensive and growing more so. Once you purchase it it's expensive to own. You need to pay people to keep an eye on it, and to maintain it's security and it's functionality. Does it really make sense to own something so expensive when you only visit it a few times a year? Is it emotionally satisfying or a constant worry? Renting it out helps with the bills but the wear and tear is amazing. Will you just be working so much to pay the bills that you can't enjoy it?

Timeshare is the fastest growing facet of vacationing. It uses a team approach to relieve some of the problems of ownership. Each purchaser takes a week thus spreading out the costs. Other owners around the world team up to trade time and give variety to their vacations. TeamFunz works in a similar way. But while timeshare is a faceless organization where owners never meet and interaction with employees is impersonal, TeamFunz depends on relationships. The costs of timeshare seem endless too. We wonder how maintenance fees for a single week can run $500-$800 per year. You have to pay a fee to be part of the exchange organization and another fee to actually make an exchange. Where's the lifetime of inexpensive vacations they promised when you bought the week? Try and sell your week. Most of the timeshare resales we see are far below what people paid for them. Strange considering other real estate appreciates with time. Timeshare and TeamFunz have one thing in common, you don't have to own the resort, having access to the FUN for awhile is just as good. Like we say, "I don't need to be a millionaire to live like one".